Double vision and didn't like to read

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Bobby came to Dr. Harris last November complaining of double vision and eye fatigue. He has never liked to read, having much trouble with mechanics and comprehension. His vision problems combined with learning disabilities had left him many grades behind in reading and writing skills.

Bobby is a hard worker and was anxious for the vision therapy to help him do better in school. After a few months of therapy, Bobby’s double vision had cleared up. Before starting vision therapy, bobby had failed both the functional reading and writing tests given in 7th grade. He was retested in the spring after 7 months of vision therapy and passed both tests. Bobby’s writing skills have improved dramatically along with his reading speed.

Bobby enjoyed working with all of the therapists, especially Mr. Sid. Although Bobby will probably never be a recreational reader, we know that with tutoring help he will now be able to be a successful student. Many thanks to Dr. Harris and the entire staff for working so hard to help Bobby.

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