Major balance problems -vertigo & dizziness

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After more than a decade of chronic vertigo, with a number of doctors having offered no more help than medication to mask symptoms, I was referred to Dr. Harris by a physical therapist. His diagnosis (binocular dysfunction and convergence weakness) concluded that eye therapy would enable me to compensate for my vestibular weakness. Within weeks of starting therapy, I was able to perform repetitive motions that I had avoided for years because they made me woozie (such as the stooping and standing of filling a trash bag with leaves, or picking up dropped birdies while playing badminton with my son.) The empowerment of being confident and comfortable as I move through my daily life has been tremendous, and the side benefits of needing my reading glasses in only very limited circumstances (where before I wouldn't leave home without them), and feeling far less fatigued (no more burning, tired eyes!) are a great bonus!

June 2002

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