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Shimmy came to the Baltimore Vision Fitness Center because he did not want to wear his glasses. He met with Dr. Harris and was recommended for vision therapy weekly.

Shimmy was diligent about his vision therapy homework, even with his very busy schedule. Slowly we began to see improvement. He started making more baskets at basketball, and his homework was easier to sit and finish. Reading became a fun, enjoyable activity and he even finished 35 books in a ten week time span.

Although it was difficult at times, we are all happy Shimmy persevered with his vision therapy. He has a great baseball season and even won a special award for sportsmanship.

We are very proud of Shimmy and are grateful to everyone at the Baltimore Vision Fitness Center for their help and encouragement.

As written by Shimmy's parents


When I started out I was reading at a 6th grade level. I had no confidence whatsoever and my schoolwork was terrible. However, from when I started this course to now, I have excellent school work and have been reading at an exquisite level. You could way that this program has changed my life. I owe a lot to this program and all the people who have helped me succeed.

Written by Ryan age 15


The eye therapy had been a great help to me. I can now read better because my eyes can focus and actually see what is on the page!

October 2003

Maya Carter

I really had fun doing the exercises with Miss Liz. The therapy really helped my reading. I used to read very slowly and sometimes skip words or lines without even knowing it. Now my reading is much faster and smoother. I have a lot less trouble reading and I understand a lot more when I read.

The therapy also helped me when I play. I used to have a lot of trouble throwing and catching things. Now it’s much better. I catch the ball most of the time. My parents say that I run much better now and I don’t trip as much. Thanks B.V.F.C.

June 2003

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