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When my son Stephen started vision therapy his tracking ability was very poor. Stephen’s reading was very choppy and he would often skip words, read words that were not there or not recognize words from sentences above the text. Stephen’s reading grade was below average and he was struggling in school. Within four months of vision therapy, his reading grade went up two letter grades and all of his teachers have noted a huge difference.

The most amazing difference that I can really notice is his ability to line trace with just his eyes. When Dr. Harris first assessed Stephen, my son could not even begin to do this exercise. Now, Stephen does this once difficult activity with the greatest of ease.

I can’t begin to thank everyone at the Baltimore Vision Fitness Center for all the support and concern they have shown towards my son. I feel like we have finally found a place that can really help us! I know that my money is being well spent.

Written by the mother of Stephen.

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