Children's Vision Information

Having a child changes lives forever is some amazing and positive ways.  Unfortunately, they don't come with manuals and very few people get a comprehensive education in the area of child and human development.  The famous pediatrician Arnold Gesell, stated, "Vision development is child development viewed optometrically."  When I look at a child and check how their visual system and visual process is developing, I am not just looking at their eyes, eye health and the optics of their eyes, I am looking at how your child is developing, how they are probing the world and I get a sense of who they will become later in life.  

The primary purpose of the visual process is to direct movement.  So much of what a person does and how well they do it are a direct result of the quality, accuracy and speed of their responses and movements and this is all developed.  An undetected visual problem early in life can be the cause of so many problems later in life and the tragedy is that regular visits to a behavioral optometrist can identify these problems and in most instance remediate them very simply.  

The early developmental optometrist GN Getman, author of the book, How to Develop Your Child's Intelligence, was a strong proponent of providing children with the right stimulus at the right time.  I am a firm believer in this and will whatever I can to help equip new families with the information they need to help provide their babies with the right visual experiences.

Here are some videos I suggest as well:

  • Amazing Babies - Beverly Stokes is from Canada and put together this and a few other videos to help understand how important early movement experiences are for the developing child.  
  • The Ladder of Learning Videos - These are from Australia and the 5-volume set covers each of the first five years of life with tremendous information for helping your child to have the right experiences at the right time.
  • Youtube Video on the difference between vision screenings and complete visual evaluations. This was put together by the Illinois Optometric Association and was helpful in them passing a mandatory visual evaluation law for entry to school.