Convergence Insufficiency Treatment Trials (CITT) Information

The Convergence Insufficiency Treatment Trials (CITT) studies are now entering the public domain with a series of publications.  This landmark study shows that convergence insufficiency (CI) can be effectively treated by office-centered optometric vision therapy.  If further goes on to say that simple pencil pushups alone or home-based computer driven vision therapy alone do not sure the CI.  This is very significant and is in total alignment with the way I approach the treatment of CI.  Here is a guide to some of the information available on the net on this topic:

  • National Eye Institute (NEI) National Institutes of Health (NIH) press release on CITT
  • PUBMED citation of the main publication
  • A PDF of the original publication in the American Archives of Ophthalmology
  • Here is a PDF of a presentation I gave to optometrists in the Fall of 2009 on this topic
  • Access NIH video on this subject