Eyewear/Eye Glasses

All eyewear is not the same! Conceptually maybe: they all hold two lenses, one front of each eye, so that you can see. However, while at the same time that we think of our glasses as a fashion statement or even part of who we are, they need to reliably allow us to use the gift of vision.

To do so well requires that the lenses be held in a very specific position relative to your eyes. The distance from your eye affects how the prescription performs. For a nearsighted person, when your glasses slip down your nose they aren't as strong and when you look up at a distant target you might find yourself pushing your glasses up to see better. For the farsighted person your glasses get stronger when they slide down your nose. So the mid forty farsighted person can just let their glasses slide down their nose to make the newspaper more clear and avoid getting a bifocal for a while!

The point is that while a frame needs to look good it also needs to do many other things very well. I pledge to you to use only the best well made materials in what I provide you with. This goes for the lenses as well as the frames. There are many low-cost alternatives and all I can say is generally you get what you pay for.

I have heard so often that our greatest gift is the gift of vision. I do my best in the examination and in dialogue with you to determine the optimum lens for you to accomplish the goals you desire. Only the best frames, lenses and lens treatments will allow the full benefits of our work together to be realized.