What is a InfantSEE™ Vision Assessment and what age children can be seen?

Dr. Harris is proud to be participating in the InfantSEE™ Vision Assessment program that is part of the American Optometric Association and supported by Johnson & Johnson Inc. If you have a child between the ages of 6 and 12 months, who has yet to have their vision assessed, call now for your free appointment. Many vision conditions can be identified very easily, and long-term serious consequences may be averted. Many parents think that because their child cannot respond to verbal questioning that we cannot assess their eyes and their vision development. This is a myth. We have a whole series of tools that allow us to get an excellent view of the optics of the eyes, the health of the eyes, and to see if your child is developing the visual tracking and eye teaming necessary to develop normally. Pediatrician Dr. Arnold Gesell said, "Vision development is child development viewed optometrically." Often we can assess a child's visual and intellectual development better than many other disciplines because of the powerful tools we have and the primacy of vision and the visual process. Former President Jimmy Carter is the national spokesperson for this program. Two of his 11 grandchildren had undetected amblyopia and he wanted to make sure that no children in this country would end up in the same situation. He challenged the profession to take care of the children, and the American Optometric Association listened and created this program. Dr. Harris served as the InfantSEE™ State Leader promoting amongst his peers a program he supports 100%. He also served as an instructor for the other optometrists, putting on courses in Maryland and other states to help them learn how to examine these infants. The vision assessment lasts about 30 minutes and should be scheduled in the morning during a time your baby is normally awake. Please change your baby prior to the visit. Often the child, particularly those very young ones, are most alert during feeding. If possible, try to hold off nursing or giving them their bottle until your actual visit. Also, if possible please try to leave siblings home. For more information vision the InfantSEE™ website. More information is available at Baby Center.com.