How to refer a patient to my practice

Referral Procedures


1. As the referring doctor, you should first inform your patient that you have identified a visual problem that needs specialized testing. NOTE: Some doctors have not felt confident in knowing precisely when vision therapy is needed, having only a feeling that something is not right and that vision therapy might be an option. Since in many cases that determination can only be made after the complete behavioral vision care work-up is done, your referral is only for further testing and a consultation, not for visual therapy directly! It may indeed lead to vision therapy but it is best to think of your referral as being only for additional diagnostic testing.   

2. You or your staff may call our office for an appointment (410-252-5777) for your patient or you may simply fill out the 3-part referral form and mail the post card to us, leaving us to do the rest. We recommend the phone call approach since it conveys to the patient the importance you place on his care, virtually guaranteeing that he will follow your recommendation. Our staff will ask you for all pertinent information concerning your patient. If you would also like to consult with me, please inform the staff.

That’s all there is to making the referral. Please refer to Our Pledge to know exactly what we will be doing with your patients to get them the care they need and to ensure that they remain your patients.