Optometric Services

An optometric practice isn't just one single thing and therefore it is hard to describe all the kinds of care that we offer. One thing that is interesting to me, is that over the years how often people that come to me a specific type of care, end up thinking that I'm just a specialist for people with that kind of condition. Well into their care or towards the end of a treatment program for a loved one of theirs, they may ask me if I see other people for other reasons. The one I love is when they ask if I see "normal people who just need glasses or contact lenses"! My answer is always of course. I say, "I specialize in seeing members of the human race."

Behavioral optometric care is about identifying my patients unmet needs and then seeing, if in the bag of tools I have if any of those could help the person in front of me better met those needs. If so, then we are in business, with me being able to help and the person in front of me having their life changed for the good.

Another pet peeve I have is people who come in with labels or volumes of reports from others as if knowing what others have labeled them as will help guide me in my testing. When I first meet a person, regardless of their history, regardless of the life path that has brought them to me, regardless of what others have labeled them as or what they have tried with them, my job is to look at the person in front of me anew and to get to know them, what they want to do in life and to find out if by helping them use their visual process in a different way, if their life can be changed. Since the world seems to like categories, here are just a few of the kinds of services we offer: