April C.

(Age 23)

I never really thought I had any problems or difficulties that were significant or could be dealt with. I was a bright child but didn’t like doing schoolwork. I liked reading but fell asleep all the time doing it. I got nauseous easily from car rides or too much movement. But so did lots of other people! I had trouble understanding what I read for homework but my teachers and I figured it was that I didn’t like the content, or I was just being lazy. My attention span was very short. Headaches were common. This was just part of growing up, right? Apparently I was wrong. I had a regular eye exam with Dr. Harris and he suggested that I do some vision therapy. I worked for several weeks and suddenly I was comprehending written material and verbal instructions much better. My headaches stopped. I get much less nauseous from car rides and movement. Life feels so much easier. I didn’t even realize that my life was harder than it had to be. I feel so much better about myself now knowing that I wasn’t being “lazy”. I had vision problems that are so common or have such slight symptoms that they are undetected or just chalked up to laziness. I almost wish I could go back and do school all over again, knowing I now have the skills I lacked. Almost.