Christopher and Justin

I have two children in this Vision Therapy program. Christopher is nine years old. His optometrist recommended that he come because he was having trouble seeing the board in school and then copying what he saw from the board onto his paper. He was very slow at writing, never finishing on time. Also a very slow reader and always came home from school with headaches. When he would play “Nintendo” he would get an immediate headache. After two months of Vision Therapy Chris could see an improvement in his work and he hardly ever gets a headache. He enjoys reading and can read with more speed. Even his grades are better. While reading some of the brochures I noticed one that said it can help children with Dyslexia. My middle child, Justin, 12, was labeled “dyslexic.” After years of tutoring he still only read on a 3rd grade level. So I took him to Vision Therapy and I don’t even think he has so-called “dyslexia” anymore. He is in the 6th grade and this is the first time he has made honor roll. He is so proud of himself. Everything his tutor has been doing with him has clicked since Vision Therapy got under way. He reads so good now. He doesn’t complain of headaches anymore. He would never play Nintendo before. Now he enjoys the games. Also sports were never fun for him. This past April he asked for a new baseball glove. He is playing catch a lot now. He is so proud of himself. What is so good is that Christopher and Justin realize that this Vision Therapy program really works. They both admit it and enjoy coming once a week. Mrs. Thelma, Mrs. Liz, and Mrs. JoAnn really cared and made it fun for them.

I feel like I finally hit a winner. I am very optimistic about my children’s future now! I can’t thank everybody enough.

Written by their mother