I started vision therapy in March 2002. I could not focus and saw things double. I had headaches about every day since the 2nd grade. I am now in the 7th grade. We never knew why I was getting headaches. We even had a CAT scan on my head. My eye doctor did not know what to do after he had changed my prescription about 5 times in a year. He recommended Paul Harris and so we called. On my first appointment we found out I had a focusing problem and my focusing was about paralyzed. When I went for therapy, my therapist’s name was Ms. Liz. She always explained things well and helped me very much. Since I have started vision therapy my focusing has improved greatly. Where I didn’t used to be able to, now I can look up at the conductor in music and still find my place again. I can also bring my eyes in to see things as close as my nose. My headaches have also improved. At the end of the school year I was not having headaches. I am very grateful for vision therapy helping me, and thanks to Ms. Liz for helping me the whole way to better vision and focusing.

June 2002