The following are video clips that you might interesting and informative.

  • Head Injury Awareness and Rehabilitation - This is a link to a story done by WJZ on a patient of mine who has chosen to take her story public in the hopes of increasing awareness of the importance of recognizing the signs of a head injury, in her case a sports related injury, and about the need for rehabilitation, which included in her case vision therapy.  Much of the interview was shot in my office and there is a brief shot of Abby doing VT with Liz St. Ours.
  • 3D Movies - What if you can't see it? - This is a link to an interview done with a colleague of mine in San Diego about the problems some people encounter when they go see one of the new 3D movies.  If you know of anyone that has complained that they didn't see much of a difference when they went to see a 3D movie or if they complained of headaches, double vision, or some other visually related complaint, please let them know about the services we offer.  Many of these problems can be addressed by a thorough evaluation and treatment.