My mission is to help everyone use their visual process with maximum efficiency to do the things they want to do in life.  To help all those who wish to help others in the same way be the best they can be.


Memphis, TN - Home Sweet Home

Currently in my 9th year at SCO and loving it more than ever. Memphis, TN is now HOME SWEET HOME and I only wish I got back East more often to be in person with my kids and their families. Research is really picking up and the big band I play in, the Memphis Knights Big Band is playing the second Monday night of every month at Lafayette's restaurant. If you are in town, come and join us. 

At SCO I’m in the classroom, teaching OPT 304 – Amblyopia and Strabismus to 3rd years, in the clinic in Vision Therapy, Teen, and Pediatrics where I supervise students and residents. I’m involved about 5 hours a week doing electrodiagnositcs performing VEP’s, ERG’s, EOG’s and lots of variations as needed with three instruments from different manufacturers. I am a residency supervisor in vision rehabilitation, and work with a wonderful team including Drs. Marc Taub, Alicia Groce and Melissa Zarn in seeing patients in 3 and soon to be, 4 rehab hospitals in the Memphis metropolitan area.

My research has gone in many directions but we have just done a proof of concept study where we have shown a method that gives an objective measure for the amount of traumatic brain injury (TBI) a person has. Next step with that is a large-scale test of the methods and its grant writing time for that. Other work has been in the area of visual acuity testing, contrast sensitivity, glare and testing for non-verbal patients as well.

Feel free to contact me at either or  My phone number at SCO is 901-722-3273.




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